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Madison's only bicycle based tree care company! Thrive Tree Care LLC is out to change the conventional approach to tree work by finding solutions rather than cutting trees.
We believe in science based pruning for longevity in urban spaces, helping you and your trees thrive!



We take a science-based approach to pruning. Trees shouldn't be stripped of their interior branches and large wounds should be avoided, give us a call to find a solution to help you and your trees Thrive!



Sadly, sometimes trees need to be removed. Wee are equipped with the skill and knowledge to remove any tree that's structurally defective, or causing irreconcilable issues. We can rope every piece to the ground to avoid damage to your yard and your property will always look better than we found it. We specialize in hard to access trees in difficult spaces that machinery can't reach.



We offer contract climbing to other companies in the Madison area and beyond, when a tree is too technical for one of your employees to take care of, we can step in and help. We're effective at reducing back logs, running crews, and doing the most technical climbing work as well as crane removal. Contact us for rates!

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